Sunday, May 31, 2015

Steve's online interview

Guess what everybody... Steve's got a new interview online, make sure you check it out!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


My piece of $#1t computer decided to get worse. I will try and do the blog for as long as I can. I'm able to do it on my cell, but not to the quality I have been. I'd hate to see this POS go, but I can't afford to get it repaired or replaced. I promise to do the best I can while I can.

DF S7E5 Obsession

In this episode, the Dead Files were called to Oregon, IL (near Rockford), by Mike Arians. Mr Arians just happened to have been mayor during the time I lived in that area. He is now running the Roadhouse restaurant. 

Mr Arians was convinced that the location was being haunted by Mary Jane Reed, a victim of a double homicide during the 1940s. He spent a lot of his own time and money on the case, even had her body exhumed.

During the interviews, it was obvious that Steve was getting pissed. Nobody was giving a straight answer on what they saw there. He decided to get his own help on the investigation.
(Mr Reed, Mary Jane's brother)

Back in the 1940s when Mary Jane was 17, she was involved with a married cop in his 40s. Once when she was out with a Navy man (in his late 20s), the cop got wicked jealous. Signs pointed to the cop, but another man confessed. Although, no arrest was made.

When Amy was doing her walk, she did not like being there. She was becoming confused and forgetful. Amy was being shown many dark entities that attach themselves to the living, controls them, possesses them.

During the reveal, it all came together. When Amy explained that whatever was there was disorientating people, Steve understood the problem he had interviewing the staff. Amy talked about the girl she saw with 2 men. 
It was definitely Mary Jane. Amy says there were 2 men involved. She also said that the "legion of demons" was really the cop. Amy's advice was to tell the spirits it was alright for them to move on. As for the cop (who has become a nasty entity), a holy man was needed.

As much as I didn't want to be reminded of this place, I'm glad I watched. Thanks Dead Files.

Friday, May 29, 2015

this Saturday...

This Saturday's episode, the Dead Files went to Oregon, IL. I mentioned before that I don't like this area, but I love the Dead Files. So I'll watch and blog. I used to work in Oregon and lived one town over.
The Dead Files
"The hosts investigate disturbing claims that victims of a gruesome murder haunt an Oregon, Ill., restaurant. Included: Evidence of a double homicide involving a love triangle is discovered by Steve; and Amy believes devious shadow figures are attempting to throw her off their trail by deliberately confusing her." (
This location is The Roadhouse restaurant. They have pretty good food there. I did sense something there, but those were my partying days (my abilities were a bit off). Curious to see what Steve and Amy found out.
My daughter gave me notebooks this morning so I can take notes during the show for this blog... "cuz Mama's no quitter". 
So make sure you turn on the Travel Channel tomorrow night at 10pm Eastern time for the Dead Files "Obsession". 

In case you didn't know. Amy Allan's birthday is May 31. @AmyAllanTDF   Happy birthday, Amy!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Happy birthday to our favorite
physical medium.
Amy Allan is from Denver, Colorado,
born May 31, 19(mumbles year).
During her pre-teens, she moved to Long Island where she experimented with her abilities.
Later she became a psychologist
and a bodyworker.
Amy lived in Yugoslavia for some time,
and did some traveling during the war
and helped in the refugee effort.
For many years, Amy has used her ability
to help people (living and dead).
Then one day, she was asked to
do a little show on the Travel Channel
called the Dead Files.
This is the medium we all know and love.
Amy, have a very happy birthday.

Here's a birthday card from my daughter:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I've said before that I was quitting because there were no readers. The truth is, I have more than 4x the readers with this blog than my others combined. 

The truth... everybody showed love for this blog except one for one comment that bothered me. I love to write. I love to write about things I love. I love the Dead Files. I've mentioned before why I do and why I appreciate them so much. Just the thought of me quitting over one comment is stupid of me. I can't quit over that, and I won't.

I have always tried to respectful of everyone, and I will continue to do so. If someone has a problem with me or my blog, talk to me directly in a private message on Twitter @Fat2PHATinIA. 
As for this coming weekend's episode. I used to live 1 town over from Oregon, IL, and I worked in Oregon. That's an area I'd like to forget, but I love the Dead Files. So I'll watch and will blog about it. 

Please look out for a special blog that's coming out in a few days.

Thank you all for your concern, but I am not going anywhere.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

ending blog soon

In about a week, I'll be posting my final Dead Files blog. This is for personal reasons. I still love the Dead Files. Amy and Rob are awesome people to chat with on Twitter, I hope to continue chatting with them. I'll still be on Twitter @Fat2PHATinIA. I'll be going back to working on my weight loss and geek blogs. I will miss blogging about the Dead Files, but this is for the best. Thank you, Dead Files crew for giving me such a great show to write about. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Question: How many people even read my blogs, is it worth continuing? If now one's reading them, what's the point in me continuing them.

prayers for Amy

My daughter "CAT" and I are sending prayers to our favorite median Amy Allan who is grieving the loss of two of her cats Uma and Yugi.
Uma 20yrs
Yugi 13yrs
Losing a furry baby is like losing a human one. They are your children too. Amy, we are here for you. Also, we're praying for Botts and Omi.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Weekend for Dead Files

There's no new Dead Files this weekend, but on Saturday starting at 10pm/Eastern time we'll be watching "The Cursed Path" and "Deadly Attraction". I will be on Twitter @Fat2PHATinIA if you'd like to watch with me. I gotta get my Di Schiavi fix.
Just wanted to give a special thank you to all of our heroes who have served or are serving our country. THANK YOU!
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

S7E4 The Instigator

Steve said this family was having trouble sleeping due to all that was happening in their home. They were hearing noises as well as seeing apparitions.
During her walk, Amy found many dead people. There was one main problem...a male entity she called the Instigator. 
Even though the new house was built in 2006, the land is old with history. Sadly, families in the past experienced tragedies there. Steve found out about them as well as those who died across the street from a train in the past.

During the reveal, Amy says the ex-husband of the client (who still lives in the house) is extremely open yet is in extreme denial. She shows a sketch on how the dead are tormenting the living.
One male spirit just wants help moving on, one female spirit needs help to move on and be with her family. Amy tells them how they can do that and how to use tar water to keep any and all dead out of their home.
This was a great episode. My heart went out to the client's daughter and Autistic grand-daughter. As a single mother of an Autistic open daughter myself, I know how upsetting it is when you're girl is scared, and you're willing to do anything to protect her. Thank you, Dead Files, for another great episode.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

S7E3 House of Mirrors

This was the wickedest episode yet. Amy had such a hard time opening because of the "trickster" entities there on location in Independence, Oregon.
The guys that lived there told Steve about all the crazy stuff that has happened in their home from full apparitions to voices.
This little boy really broke my heart. He's afraid to be there. He saw red eyes coming at him from the closet. :(

Amy saw that the "trickster" entities were causing the living to see things and torment them. She also saw they were lead by a male ghost that once held a position of power once in life.
Once again, Steve did his homework. He found out that the house was move approx. 18 miles and was once owned by a man that worked for the city who was taken hostage by men who had escaped from prison. The public blamed him for the escape, he sold his house and moved out of there in shame.
Steve also found about a family that suffered a lot of bad luck and death.
At the reveal, Amy and Steve present their findings with the clients.
Amy shocks them when she says one of the living guys is a telepathic. 
Steve then shows Amy's sketch of the "tricksters". Amy tells the clients what they can do to get rid of the leader and the "tricksters". 
Personally, I thought this episode would have been good enough to show as a premier or a finale. If they're showing this now, it only means great things for future episodes. I so can't wait. See ya next week.

In case you missed it...

In case you missed it, here's a recording of one of Steve's online interviews.